Who, how and why?

The Interactive Christmas Tree first appeared in 1998. That year, about 50.000 visitors took a look in our office in one month. This year, the tree is back already for the 4th year in a row, this time in one of the offices at leading dutch ISP XS4ALL

Ingredients for an interactive Christmas tree:

  • 1 Christmas tree
  • 3 sets of lights
  • 1 Christmas star
  • A diversity of Christmas decorations (ornaments, old cd’s, …)
  • 1 webserver
  • A small circuit to control through the parallel port
  • 1 webcam
  • A (fast) constant link with the Internet
  • the people mentioned above to add everything
  • a couple of nights work
  • a set a colleagues at first line helpdesk

The interactive Christmas tree is made by:

Idea, scripting:Nic Limper
Hardware design and production:  Wil van Osch
Website design:Diana Brandt
Christmas tree provided by XS4ALL internet
Hosting:XS4ALL internet

With thanks to Frederique, Agnes en Cees, and the collegues at 1e line helpdesk. 🙂

Mail for more info: [email protected]

Latest changes:

10/12/2004 – Brushed up the old website of last year